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Established 1999  

We are proud members of the Banned Aid Coalition and strong supporters of the Dog Legislation Council of Canada.   

Banned Aid Coalition

Banned Aid Coalition

Dog Legislation Council of Canada

Dog Legislation
Council of Canada

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  All funds raised via these items will go directly towards the legal fund so please donate if you can and get something great in time for Christmas!


"Rescued from an abandoned scrap yard by author, Jon Bozak over a dozen years ago, Demo’s life’s been a series of close calls and dramatic twists. The bottom line is, Demo’s unflappably positive attitude guides him through any situation, no matter how bad -- and that’s what makes him so lovable and inspiring."

New book for every fancier's collection! A green-themed underdog adventure that inspires readers to reconsider the things and animals they might otherwise dismiss as disposable.

Signed by Demo himself and author Jon Bozak $23

Chirstmas cards to show you care! They measure approx 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" glossy finish, with inside captioning "Happy Holidays". These cards come complete with envelopes. The design was generously created for us by Bonnie Yoho for our fundraising efforts.

10 cards for $10

This mug is perfect no matter where in the world you live! BSL has targeted the American Pit Bull Terrier not only here in Ontario, but throughout the US, Australia, UK and Europe! A great way to remind yourself or company everyday that even in the face of extinction we believe our dogs are second to none!

$12.00 per mug

This beautiful double link Italian charm goes great on the dog fancier's braclet! Made of stainless steel and measuring 18mm wide, it's a perfect addition!

$10.00 each

Published August 2005 just when Ontario's "pit bull" ban was coming into effect, this book is a "scrapbook of pit bull love" dedicated to the bullies who love us and the people who love them. It's a great coffee table book with loads of colour photos, unique artwork and interviews. A MUST HAVE for the APBT fancier with all the books!

$25.00 each

Or feel free to just donate a couple of bucks!




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Pit Bulls for Dummies

Dog Lost



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