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Established 1999  

We are proud members of the Banned Aid Coalition and strong supporters of the Dog Legislation Council of Canada.   

Banned Aid Coalition

Banned Aid Coalition

Dog Legislation Council of Canada

Dog Legislation
Council of Canada

Welcome to our corner!


   We are the only ADBA sanctioned club dedicated to the American Pit Bull Terrier in Ontario Canada. Our main purpose is to promote responsible ownership of the breed, a better more positive image of owners of the American Pit Bull Terrier as well as hosting ADBA sanctioned conformation shows and weight pulls.

Each year brings new challenges and the past 8 years have been particularly challenging to our members here in Ontario. When the provincial Liberal government proposed a ban on all APBTs (along with two other purebred breeds), we lept into action becoming lobbyists and educators. Unfortunately, the Ontario Liberals weren't listening and despite overwhelming evidence that Breed Specific Legislation does not work, banned the breed anyhow. Check out the links on the left for more information on the ban or how to help.

In 2005 the ADBA honoured our resident bitches in charge with Hero Awards and the EBA also honoured our President Bitch with a Recognition Award for all the hard work in fighting BSL in Ontario!

Check back often to see what's new with us on our links to the various events and email us if you have any questions.



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